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12 Feet Python Identified at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Degree College

Allahabad: The students of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Degree College identified a 12-feet long python at the college campus. This revelation caused a panic attack within the students who immediately summoned Professor N.B Singh. He captured the 12-feet snake, weighing 40kgs. This degree college is best known for other forms of reptile attacks and it was always N.B Singh who came to the rescue of the students and authorities.


The situation of unrest escalated pretty soon when the students denied from entering the college premises. At the end, it was a professor from the Botany department who captured the snake and took the initiative of letting it go safely in the jungle. Professor N.B Singh, better known as the Hariyali Guru, previously captured a lot of snakes and has plans of educating the students and residents of the city about the well-being of these snakes. He believes in letting these reptiles go by placing them safely in the jungle and areas away from human inhabitation.

Up till now, N.B Singh captured 12 snakes and set them free without causing any harm to each. The Python is currently with the professor and will soon head over to the jungle.

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