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BJP Leader’s Car Hits a Girl on Naini Bridge

Allahabad: It seems politicians are having a free run and hardly care about the well-being of the commoners. In a shameful incident, a BJP leader’s vehicle hit a girl on the Naini Bridge, inflicting injuries to the victim. While accidents are pretty common in this part of the city, what surprised us was that the leader tried to flee from the accident spot. This comes across as a shameful incident, especially with the ruling party making such claims about the safety and security of the individuals.

What saddened us the most about this incident was the minister not taking responsibility and trying to run away! However, the locals seized his car and didn’t allow him to have a free run. In the hindsight, this brings a bad reputation for the ruling party, right before the elections. What sounds interesting is that the locals ambushed his vehicle the moment he tried leveraging his position for escaping. Instead of accepting his fault, he started shouting at the girl and even the locals. However, Rakesh Rai was presiding over the Naini police station which pacified the matter to a considerable extent.

Without his interference, the situation could have worsened and gone out of hand. Although there is a report lodged against the leader, proper remuneration and attention to the injured girl might save the day for the leader. We are still not disclosing the name citing confidentiality as the main reason but if the injured girl isn’t properly attended to, Our Platforms will surely leak the name of the BJP leader.

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