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Chief Proctor and Administrative Director of Allahabad Agricultural University Arrested

Allahabad: In an interesting turn of events, police arrested the chief proctor and director, administration of the Allahabad Agricultural University. According to the procured evidences, there involvement in running illegal operations in the name of school and university is quite evident. In addition to that, they also have a hand when it comes to mismanaging the money associated with school and universities.

Allahabad Agricultural University

Administrative director and chief proctor tried to influence the case internally but the Superintendent of Police, Crime brand, didn’t give them any leeway. At present, police are questioning them regarding their other familiar criminal involvements. The authorities nabbed them once they could access the non-bail able warrant. Other investigations are also continuing and this case will surely show up with newer twists and turns. At present, authorities have pressed charges related to running an institute without certification and accessing the university funds for personal usage.

Our correspondents will soon update the readers with newer details and exclusive information regarding the whereabouts of the Allahabad Agricultural University.

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