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Dalit Woman Murdered in the Kaudhiyara Region

Allahabad: Another unfortunate incident came to the limelight when the locals identified the dead body of a dalit woman in the Kaudhiyara region. According to the preliminary investigations and existing evidences, the deceased looks more like a middle-aged woman. However, the injury marks on her body actually hint at murder and even rape comes across as a possibility. The exact incident happened at the Khuji village which is already known for its criminal history and atrocities towards women.

Dalit Woman

Police arrived immediately and took the body in their custody. At present, the dead body is underdoing autopsy. Although the cops couldn’t identify the body up till now, detailed reports and intimations have travelled across the region. If, by any means, the lady belongs to the nearby area, people will surely identify her body. We will post a detailed report once we get hold of the autopsy reports and other particulars concerning this case.

The woman belongs to the Dalit community and the opposition will certainly deploy this loophole for demeaning the ruling party.

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