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Driver Suspended by the SSP for Extorting Money

Koraun: The Senior Superintendent of Police, Koraun has terminated a driver on the grounds of corruption. The driver, currently associated with the Koraun police force, used his position for illegally extorting money from the locals. Although a few locals previously complained about his whereabouts, the Koraun police department did absolutely nothing. Moreover, there were other instances of corruption, registered against his name.

Today, while extorting money illegally from a pawn shop, a police spy identified the driver and informed the SSP. He personally took over the case and reached the spot. While he was caught red-handed, he kept validating his actions on financial grounds. He even begged for mercy and cited family-centric reasons for taking bribes and other perks.

At present, he remains suspended and he might only get back his job if he answers to the show cause letter and the department finds him innocent. However, with the Senior Superintendent of Police associated with the case, any kind of leeway is unlikely.

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