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Thieves Break into a House in Jhunsi; Caretaker Injured

Jhunsi: Only a few minutes back we received a scoop, saying that a group of three thieves broke into a house in the developed area of Jhunsi. Despite, the fairly popularly area, the burglars managed to barge in and steal valuables worth 5 lakhs. The entire family was out on a holiday and the house caretaker was resting in this quarter. Upon hearing noises, he quickly reached out for his stick and entered the house. Based on his statement, he tried fighting off the criminals but they outnumbered him easily. He received major blows on his head and is currently undergoing treatment in a nearby hospital.

This is the third case of theft in Jhunsi, within a period of 30 days. This incident definitely raises some questions regarding the efficacy of the police authorities. What’s shameful is that the theft took place in broad daylight. When it comes to the stolen property, some cash and ornaments went missing. The family has received the news and will soon reach Jhunsi. Once they arrive, the cops will tabulate the lost items for additional details.

At present, police officials are questioning the neighbors and locals about the incident and physical description of the thieves.

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