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Woman Killed in Khansar Village; Gang Rape Suspected

Phoolpur: Locals discovered a mutilated body of a woman and informed the Phoolpur police station. An evident case of murder, this incident readily caused a situation of unrest in the entire region. Upon discovery, the locals found the body in pieces which actually represented a pretty gruesome view for the residents and even the news correspondents. At present, we are suspecting gang rape as the possible case of murder with the crime subsequently leading to the murder. It seems the criminals chopped the body into pieces to wash off the possible evidences.

We, at Our Platforms started digging deep and discovered that the deceased was a widow. She lived alone in the Khansar village, where the incident took place. Rita, the victim and deceased, used to stay all by herself. At present, investigations are going on with police trying to nab the criminals based on the forensic samples. The post mortem reports will soon come to us and only then we can validate the exact reason of death. However, the wounds readily hint towards a case of sexual assault.

Phoolpur police officials have already contacted the forensic department and also deployed the dog squad for getting additional information on the possible causes of death and the identity of criminals. However, an incident like this again raises questions concerning the law and order scenario within the state where a widowed woman is gang raped in open and chopped to pieces. We would like to see the steps taken by the ruling party and Yogi Government towards the remittance of the case. Justice delayed is Justice denied and therefor the government must take some steps to put the criminals behind the bars.

We will keep our readers posted regarding the development of this sensitive case. Human rights activists have already started flocking the police station and the authorities, at present, have nothing substantial to show for.

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