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Are we ready for the $20,000 Bitcoin?

At this point of time, readers won’t believe if we would say that Bitcoin will easily approach $20,000, in days to come. Based on the assumptions made by certain high-profile investors and our bankable analysts, the current price drops form a pattern, similar to the one made by the NASDAQ tech-bubble. The only difference is that Bitcoin is following the same route but with 15 times the speed.

Bitcoin, therefore, has a lot to offer in terms of profit margins, especially when it comes to the overall exchange prices. The corrections are mainly there for saturating the market and the bearish patterns will soon dissolve, in days to come. Many rallies are expected in the days to come which will sustain for a rough period of 231 days, at max. If figures are to be looked at, Bitcoin assumed its highest form in 2017, starting mid-December.

The bullish trend isn’t expected to arrive anytime soon. OurPlatforms analysts feel that Bitcoin is losing out due to the existing regulatory measures. Moreover, with Facebook and Google banning the cryptocurrency ads, there aren’t many individuals who know about Bitcoin. The lack of knowledge is therefore killing off the gains which this cryptocurrency experienced a few months back.

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Ashutosh was associated with the print media for the past 19 years. Upon his graduation, he started working closely with Amar Ujala, a newspaper of repute in Allahabad. He was last associated with Dainik Jagran as their Chief Editor where he used to push forth some underrated news pieces for the welfare of the society. His association with OurPlatforms is validated by the fact that Ashutosh has keenly analyzed the crypto-market and the underrated concepts of blockchain technology. His exact job is to visit discussions and meetings; thereby extracting important information about the concerned ICO and associated technologies before coming up with an unbiased opinion.

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