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Why should we compare the Crypto Price Trackers?

Our readers keep asking us about the ICOs which offer value for money and today we are going to give them the names of some Cryptocurrency price trackers that can actually be counted as the best bets in the global arena. However, before we go any further, it is advisable to take a note of the price tracking system that keeps a close eye on tokens and digital currencies. Be it looking at the historical data associated with the coins or putting up the ones with the best prices on offer, cryptocurrency price trackers bring forth some of the most functional insights.

  1. Coinlib

This monitoring system gauges the whereabouts of Bitcoin and helps the readers keep a track of the prices. Moreover, Coinlib also offers a dashboard that helps the customers compare multiple coins by putting up the exchange rates and other associated results.

  1. Bitgur

This is yet another tracker that comes with a unique coin filtering system, precisely for enlisting the Cryptocurrencies based on categories. Moreover, people can also fine tune the searches based on specific requirements. Apart from that, there is a free prediction system for looking the existing prices and associated volatility.

  1. Coinmarketcap

While the previously mentioned price trackers are quite new to the market, Coinmarketcap has a special significance in this arena. Being the most dominant price tracking system, Coinmarketcap offers an extensive list of top 100 ICOs and associated virtual currencies while putting some important information regarding market capitalization.

  1. Apogee

This coin tracking platform allows users to streamline experiences and also helps them create portfolios according to the market sentiments. Apart from that, Apogee also supports YouTube knowledge transfer followed by certain filtering techniques.

While these are some of the more popular coin tracking options for the users, the analysts at OurPlatforms will soon bring forth some other options for helping readers compare the Cryptocurrencies in a much better manner.



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