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Should we Bother Now as Big Techs are Constantly Putting Bans on ICO Ads

We all know that majority of social media platforms are putting constant bans on crypto-ads and other kinds of ICO-specific adverts. Be it twitter or instagram, ICOs are increasingly losing their foothold and this is actually a worrying sign for most investors. However, we, at OurPlatforms, believe that this trend will soon pass and we might see a continued growth by June 2018. Based on the existing patterns, we can infer that majority of these bans are inspired by the deceptive practices synonymous to crypto promotions. However, with a lot of ICOs showing up in the recent times, it is evident that only the reliable industry players will exist in the long run.

While the social media giants initially planned on banning every crypto-specific advert, things eventually changed for good as only the deceptive ICOs were banned from existence. Crypto-related advertisements actually improved the existing exchange rates and once the ban came into existence, the prices started dropping, almost alarmingly.

Majority of social media platforms have specific algorithms in place for identifying deceptive content. Moreover, these platforms only ban ICOs that do not belong to public firms and aren’t even listed on the popular stock exchanges. Both paid and organic content strategies are looked at and the concerned social media platform takes the call, accordingly. At present, every prospective ICO owner must look to bank on credibility and look to get his or her platform listed on some of the leading exchanges.

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