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Why Ripple Hasn’t Been Able to Establish Itself like some of the other Cryptocurrencies?

Before we move any further into this discussion, we need to understand that Ripple is still a very formidable opponent to the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin even though it hasn’t had the same success story as some of its contemporaries. The likes of Coinbase and Gemini are often run by regulatory interests and XRP’s insistence towards a single organization might lead to the speculations. XRP does come up with several add-ons like rebates and other related options and it still quite popular among the users.

A while back, Ripple did contact Coinbase regarding its willingness to trade certain assets. However, the proposals for the XRP listings were denied by the leading exchanges on unprofitable grounds. Not just that, Ripple, instead of offering the proposal in writing offered a substantial sum of money to the exchanges for getting listed. The persuasion didn’t actually work and Ripple surely couldn’t buy its way into the same. OurPlatforms analysts believe that Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO is still optimistic about the future of this cryptocurrency and he feels that sometime soon, the company will be able to enter the exchanges for improving the visibility.

Readers, however, must take a note of the fact that Ripple or XRP trading is completely legal and the listings aren’t, in any manner, related to unscrupulous parties.

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