About Us

About Us

As the name suggests, Our Platforms is an innovative and informative hub for the blockchain enthusiasts. Unlike websites that solely focus on ICOs and their development cycles, we analyze the underlining Blockchain concept behind every Initial Coin Offering. We have separate categories for ICO and Blockchain analysis as we aren’t restricted to dissertations and descriptions. In addition to all that, we also post ICO reviews, educating individuals about the transparency, associated risk and a host of other metrics.

Who are We?

Our Platforms is an Allahabad based platform with an experienced team of analysts, journalists and researches. We have an office at Allahabad where people keep a close eye on the developing ICOs and other ideas that concern Blockchain technology. Once identified, our experts review and post inferences, news articles and other findings regarding the same.

Our Goal

We, at Our Platforms understand that Blockchain technology is a popular option for most organizations, going in to the future. Blockchain renders additional levels of security by encrypting every part of the data, appending it with hashes or associated prefixes. We feel it is our responsibility to educate and train users about the advent of Blockchain technology by putting forth some active and live examples in front of them. We, therefore, focus on ICO-centric news bits, insights regarding Cryptocurrency, reviews and even Crypto-analysis for a deeper understanding. Our vision is to transform the way people look at Bitcoin, Ripple and other forms of Cryptocurrency by unveiling their true potential.

However, we realize every ICO initiative might not be legit and it is important that individuals and investors know about the potential threats and growth options before putting their hard earned money into the same. Put simply, we educate, inform and even train users regarding the blockchain technologies, concepts based on the latter, ICO news and insights, ICO reviews and analysis and other diverse concepts associated with crypto-arena.

Why Blockchain?

Needless to say, blockchain is certainly the future of secured information transfer. While this decentralized concept is probably impossible to hack into, it also gives a sense of security to the users and data subjects. Therefore, Our Platforms is increasingly concentrating on Blockchain technology; thereby educating users regarding the benefits of the same. Our discussions aren’t only restricted to the technology but we also cover the physical implementations associated with the same. Moreover, we are also hunting for the latest Blockchain news and insights, which might be helpful to our readers. Our scope and diversity are second to none as we concentrate on the more technical aspects of Blockchain technology by detailing the likes of hashing, nodes, tokens and everything that makes sense.

Our Platforms is helpful for the experienced users and even the novices as we cover every concept from the scratch and present a detail analysis of the same.

Demystifying ICOs

Blockchain isn’t only a technology but a pathway to success for most organizations. Lately, many organizations have started deploying Blockchain technology for pushing forth their products related to customer relationship management, music application and other service concerning product and software development. With this technology on-board, most organizations are opting for crowd funding by getting listed in an official manner. However, as a token of trust and appreciation, these crowd funded organizations offers Cryptocurrencies or rather coins to the users, open for purchase or procurement via other well-established wallets and Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Our initiative is to analyze the budding ICOs for reliability and security as with the advent of Blockchain and related technological advancements; there have also been a proliferation of fraudulent activities. We evaluate each and every ICO according to 10 essential aspects while finally offering a well-rounded disposition on each of the following. This initiative helps users identify the potentially strong ICOs which will be capable of returning a sizeable proportion on their investments without conning them in future.


The entire concept of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency can be interlinked in order to push forth services, products and ideas. However, analyzing a crypto-initiative isn’t as simple as it sounds. We, at Our Platforms, look at the Hard Cap of the organization for checking its legitimacy. Once analyzed, we compared the same with the Soft Cap i.e. the Minimum capital required to kickstart a project. Apart from that, we also evaluate the crowd sale open and crowd sale termination dates for understanding an ICO in a better and cohesive manner. It is important to look at the Whitepapers of the company followed by its official website, in order to realize the basics and overall transparency.

This is the detailed procedure our correspondents at Our Platforms follow before coming to a conclusion about the legitimacy of an ICO.